Sunday, May 3, 2009

McPherson College Car Show

McPherson College had their annual car show yesterday.  For those who don't know, the college offers a degree in auto restoration with scholarships from none other than Jay Leno.  There were a number of excellent restorations there as well as some in process vehicles that show all the work that goes into this type of effort.  We took my Dad, who will be 92 in about a month.  He always loves looking at the cars he grew up with.  There was one exceptional Buick, 1938 best I remember, that is identical to one he owned.  I made him a sepia of it for his apartment.  He stopped to explain to us how the vacuum fuel delivery system worked on the old Willys but we had to get back to the Model T's to find a car older than him.  I think the highlight was a "running" Stanley Steamer.  He had always wanted to see one.  They were giving rides so we got in line (not sure he could climb up into it) but as they were driving off with the group in front of us something went wrong.  Dad had wanted to see under the hood and he got his wish.  Never got to ride in it but that's OK.  If you ever get to McPherson, KS, the school offers free tours of the restoration area, well worth the time if you are a car guy (or gal).

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