Friday, May 8, 2009

May Day Parade - McPherson, KS

The annual May Day (All Schools Day) parade was this morning.  As it has for every year we've been, it looked like we would have rain.  A series of strong thunderstorms rolled thru starting at 3 am and finally worked their way out about 7 am.  Dad wanted to go this year to see the old tractors and cars so we made plans to get him there with a front row seat.  Weather went in our favor for once.  In addition, we had the Fort Riley Mounted Color Guard in attendance with a friends son part of the color guard.  Turned out to be fun meeting him and doing some photos of the group including a special lunch for them.  This same color guard was part of the inaugural parade this year.  The horse in this photo was part of both Bush's inaugural and also Obama's.  He has been at this for almost 14 years.  Learned a lot about the parade groups and their uniforms.  For local parades and when it is hot, they use their rodeo uniforms as worn today.  During cooler or more formal occasions they wear traditional US Cavalry uniforms from the Civil War era, wool and HOT!

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