Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goblin Valley State Park - Utah

I made a business trip out to Western Utah and found a "shortcut" back home via Escalante, Boulder and Capitol Reef NP. cutting cross country back to I-70, I saw a familiar sign, one that I had passed several times, Goblin Valley State Park. Decided this was the day to run out there. the time of day was ideal but close. Started a little late and spent a few extra minutes in Capitol Reef, a good excuse for not being optimal in the lighting situation. Goblin Valley is just off the highway between Green River and Capitol Reef NP. I short 15 minute drive and I was sitting at an overlook seeing literally hundreds (ok, maybe thousands) of mounds capped with dome of rock. Looking like a HUGE field of mushrooms, the park is just downright fun to walkabout and explore.

Away For Awhile

I almost forgot I had this blog so I need to get back on it soon. Maybe I can finally do something with it?!?