Thursday, February 26, 2009

Near Summit of Mt. Baldy

Ok - so I stayed awake a little longer to get a shot posted from "Camp V" on Mt. Baldy. To get to the top all I had to do was manuever thru the Ice Fall and over the Hillary Step and I could have been at the summit but I was out of Oxygen, bottle was depleted, and this was affecting my thinking. Ok, you alert readers know there is no Camp V here and all I needed to do was abandon my camera gear and scramble over some rocks and I would have been on the summit..... ....but it would still look like western Oklahoma below, just 150 feet higher. I have an aversion to leaving a 40D and a Rebel XTi sitting with a 16-35L 2.8 lens, a 100-400L IS len, a 24-105L IS lens, a Canon 100mm/2.8 macro and Tamron 11-88 lens sitting along a trail just to get you guys a shot from the real summit when mine was quite nice, thank you.

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