Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunset in the Ozarks

Driving from Jackson, MS to Mountain Home, AR yesterday afternoon with a side trip to Corinth, MS, I was watching the sunset in the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas and knew it would be a nice colorful sun sinking in the west. Not many good views were available with either trees or houses in the way, but as I topped a ridge, directly across the valley, the sun was resting on the trees of the opposing ridge. I dove off the road onto a small drive, shut off the engine, popped the trunk and ran around scrambling to get the Canon 40D and Canon 100-400L IS coupled and powered up. Quickly ratcheted in an appropriate ISO setting and selected AV mode at f/8 and braced the combination on top of the roof (no time to set up a tripod!). I got about 10 shots before the scene was gone. Luckily it came together. So many times when a setting like this is happening, there is no place to pull off or the foreground is BAD or the camera is not with me (seldom is this a problem) or some other issue exists. This time I won for a change!

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