Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maxwell Wildlife Refuge - Canton, KS

One of my favorite locations to photograph in central Kansas is Maxwell Wildlife Refuge.  Located just a few miles north of Canton, the refuge is home to a fairly substantial herd of bison and about 75 elk.  The visitor center is open on Saturday mornings and by appointment.  At the visitor center you can arrange for a tram ride out onto the refuge to get in the middle of the bison.  During the fall thru winter months it is possible to see and photograph the elk as well.  There is not a perfect season at Maxwell but I do have a favorite, Fall.  The animals are more active, the grass colors are spectacular and the bull elk are vying for rights to mate with the cow elk.

A visit to Maxwell in the Spring should also be a great time to see the prairie flowers growing profusely across the prairie and in the adjacent McPherson State Lake area.

This a favorite among photographers from the area and a great place to get up close and personal with the prairie and its diversity of life.

Also in the fall is the Mountain Man Rendezvous, usually held the first weekend in October, this is a fun time to be at Maxwell to see crafts such as blacksmithing, arrowhead point manufacturing and cooking.

In the spring we can also find Eastern Bluebirds visiting the nesting boxes along the perimeter fence of the refuge.

Even a casual drive thru the refuge can yield a chance to see bison and elk along the stretch of roadway open to the public and crossing the refuge at the cattle guards.


Franklin B Thompson said...

Superb group of photos, Jim. Absolutely superb.

Franklin B Thompson said...

Superb set of images, Jim, absolutely superb!

Altax said...

Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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