Monday, July 6, 2009

Cut Short

Our extended four day weekend in Colorado with Boyd and Barb Norton was cut short with a simple phone call on Sunday morning. My dad had been taken to the emergency room with some pains in his chest and shoulder. We packed up and headed back. Within about an hour of leaving we learned that they didn't think it was too serious, no heart problems, but at 92, we take everything serious with dad! We elected to keep driving home. My brother was able to drive up and be with dad until we got home that evening. We took a short detour off Interstate 70 to visit Castle Rock again. This time the truck was home and we were in the Honda van and hurting for ground clearance. I am not really afraid of bad roads as long as they are not muddy or icy. The Honda has very low ground clearance but if you know how to drive it, the roads there are mostly passable. We had to go slow over some parts and take some small detours but we did get to all the places I wanted to see. Excellent! The clouds were perfect. The lighting was a little "young" but we dealt with it.

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