Thursday, March 19, 2009

Timing and Instinct?

Finished seeing customers this afternoon about 4 pm and headed to Rice Lake, WI where I am seeing another customer at 8 am tomorrow. The sun was headed down so I grabbed my camera gear and took off for some back roads in the area. It was almost getting too late to shoot when something told me to "TAKE THIS ROAD". So, knowing that I have had this feeling before and good things happened, I turned up a gravel road toward a local lake. Spotted a few deer and some geese in a corn field but nothing to write home about. Just then a large bird flew overhead. I could tell by the large chord of the wings it had to be some sort of eagle. It landed in the top of a tree just over a slight rise in the road ahead. I eased forward hoping to get close enough to get a few shots before it flew away but.... ....there on the side of the road opposite the drivers window (DARN!) was another eagle, a bald eagle, sitting on the head of a dead deer eating away. I slipped the car into park, shut off the engine, pulled the keys out of the ignition, slowly opened the door and slipped out to get a shot or two before it flew away. At 400mm the shots were good but the deer was about 2/3rds of the shot. I climbed back into the car, slipped the shifter into neutral and let the car roll closer. Climbed out again. This time the eagle took notice but still was occupied eating enough so that it almost entirely ignored me. This time I took a series including the one above. Sometimes if a road is calling it is best not to ignore it!

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Chuck said...

Outstanding!!!!! Love the story and advice with it too!